Sustainable democracy, peace, harmony and prosperity of Sri Lankan society.

intellectuals movement for people's governance

Our Mission

NIO mission is to defend and promote the citizens’ rights; social, economic and environmental justice; and sustainable development principles-as well as the linkages between them-are at the heart of global and national policies; programs and practices; advance democratic change; rule of law; and constitutionalism in Sri Lanka with the ultimate aim of building a society in which citizens exercise their basic rights and live in peace; dignity and prosperity in a civilize manner. Also NIO bridges the worlds of ideas and action among the citizens of Sri Lanka to deal effectively with the richness of its astonishing diversity and focused research and the best ideas of scholars and leaders from all parts of the country to make a decisive contribution to a renewal of the society.

About us

National Intellectuals Organization (NIO) is civil group of concern intellectuals, professionals, civil and political activists and citizens committed to change in Sri Lanka society to ensure the citizens’ social, economic, political and environmental rights. NIO believes that a drastic change in the current socio-economic structure is necessary and hence we are committed to supporting active citizens, and engaged civil society and political organizations to achieve a more peaceful, democratic society equipped with collectiveness, humanity and rule of law. By developing and using new knowledge, tools, and approaches, we change people’s lives and improve development assistance in fundamental ways. To achieve this, NIO works in core practice areas: politics, governance, Peace & resilience and Learning. Be believe further that a broad peoples’ movement is essential to achieve these objectives and NIO is ready play the nucleolus role for the formation of such peoples’ alliance.


About NIO Booklet
NIO National Policy Book Tamil
NIO National Policy Book Sinhala
NPP Education Policy sinhala
NPP Health Policy Sinhala
NPP Environment Policy Sinhala
NPP Education Policy sinhala
NPP Health Policy Sinhala
NPP Environment Policy Sinhala
NPP National Harmony Policy
NPP Economy Policy

Our Values and Principles

The NIO upholds o the following values and principles in all its activities:

  • Equality and equity
  • Accountability, responsibility and transparency
  • Respect and tolerance and nonviolence
  • Self-reliance and solidarity
  • Fairness and Justice


We mobilize Sri Lankans living in and outside to take agency in effecting democratic change of the country; organize peaceful protest demonstration and civil disobedience; and mobilize the citizens for the accomplishment of the Movement’s mission.

Initiate and conduct public dialogues, discussions and debates on relevant issues to advance public education about all aspects of democratic rights and systems; publish important research papers on democracy and human rights with the aim of promoting peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

Promote the establishment of associations such as women, youth, and business, professional and social groups; promote cultural values of Sri Lanka communities.